Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home improvements

I've been on kind of a home improvement kick lately. It started with the bathroom, which had been stark white with horrible ivy border and shiny brass hardware. Now it's warm and pretty... thanks to a cute new border and taupe colors ... I still need to get some new hooks and towel bars but it looks a million times better!
I digress... The front door used to be dark red, a color i LOVE. It was fading quite a bit, so I decided to freshen it up. The red, while really pretty, wasn't very practical for someone who has a wreath for every occasion, it either clashed or blended in with them.
I found this color and knew immediately it would be perfect for the door! It's dark, slate gray with just a hint of blue. So far, my egg wreath and my carrot 'welcome' sign (I didn't make the carrot.. but isn't it CUTE!?) look great against the more neutral tone.

Now... what else can I cover in paint? >:)

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