Monday, April 25, 2011

Flowers... 'nuff said!

Did you ever look at rural areas on google maps or google Earth? The way the farms and fields look from above is so cool, they spread out like a quilt in various shades of green, yellow and brown. But wait... if you think that's pretty to look at, do yourself a favor and look up 'tulip farms!' You will be amazed at the incredible patchworks these fields create! Every spring, I become a bit obsessed with them... thinking about how cool it would be to live in Holland near one of the farms, fill my entire yard with different colors of tulips or, at the very least, have a few beds or pots of them! I always forget to plant bulbs in the fall, but this year...yes THIS YEAR I will remember (I added it to my phone's calendar... victory!!) For now, though, I will continue to look at photographs and live vicariously through the Dutch.
Here is a link to some of my favorite flower shots I have taken over the years. It's always nice to browse through these when it's rainy and gray outside!


P.S. Yes dandelions ARE (in my eyes at least) flowers! <3

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