Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend getaway ~ Day one

This past weekend we went on a family trip to Hocking Hills in southeast Ohio. Aside from the ungodly heat and humidity, and the carsickness (route 664 was obviously created by the devil and should be called route 666!!) it was a really nice weekend!
We went with my husband's parents and brother and family, ten people and two dogs altogether. The (air conditioned!)cabin was great, lots of room and a nice kitchen. There was also a fire ring, grill and hot tub outside.
We arrived Friday afternoon, settled in, ate dinner and headed out to "Old Man's Cave," where we hiked through beautiful trees and rock formations. I was still feeling queasy from the car ride, so I lagged behind a bit, but my girls went ahead with the others and found a waterfall and natural pool to play in!

The light was awful for pictures ...add that to the queasiness and sweat/glasses fogging up... and you get pretty crappy shots.. but I have better ones coming up!

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  1. If these are the bad pictures the good one must be awesome! :)