Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Decorating!

This year, my case of spring fever is worse than ever! I'm sure I'm not alone...what a winter!!! Step two of spring decorating (step one was taking down all Christmas decor *cough*) was to make an Easter egg wreath. This proved to be more difficult than I could imagine!

First I used my beloved hot glue gun and connected the eggs in a circle, adding pink polka-dot bows.  Yeah, that looked adorable...until i picked it up! It promptly broke into seven pieces.  Next I tried some stronger glue, again it looked lovely...but when I moved it, *grumble grumble* ....

Not about to be defeated by some cheap plastic eggs, I thought and thought about how to make this wreath a reality. Then I remembered my mom making holes in them I was younger. She made ornaments for the trees in the front yard by poking through the ends with hot nails.


I took one of gazillion wire hangers from the hall closet and straightened it out, lit a candle, grabbed my bag o' eggs and got to work.  Holding one end of the hanger in the flame for a few seconds made it hot enough to push through the ends of the eggs. I then threaded the eggs onto the hanger and shaped it into an oval, twisting the ends together to make a hook at the top.

I really like how it turned out, originally I planned on a circle shape but the oval shape is cute!

Here's a tip for making the holes: open the egg and lay it on a flat surface, with both ends pointing up. This will keep the egg stable while you poke at it!


  1. This is so cute! I'm going to have to make one.

  2. such a PERFECT use of those dollar store easter eggs! I shared it on my site and linked to you here:

    thanks so much! I think I'll make one today!

  3. Thanks for sharing the idea...i made one of my own and i am so loving it!!

  4. Very cute! Love all the Easter colors!

  5. very clever idea! I will have to try this one.